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Welcome to the Steel City Strings website

Steel City Strings are a newly-established string group based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Made up of professional musicians with years of experience in music performance and teaching, Steel City Strings add a touch of class to any occassion! With a repertoire encompassing everything from classical to contemporary music, all arranged especially for string quartet and trio, Steel City Strings are available to hire for weddings, parties, functions, and business events.

Steel City Strings treat each booking on an individual basis, and are committed to providing high quality bespoke entertainment which is flexible and caters for personal taste. Fees depend on the total length of the engagement, which may be anything from an hour, to three or four hours. We aim to enhance the atmosphere of any event by creating an elegant setting with music of the highest calibre, and at the same time providing a conversation piece without being intrusive.

For all engagement enquiries, please email us at , or alternatively, please ring Angela Swift on 07742444872 (evenings preferable).





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